Welcome to Trifecta Coffee Company

Welcome to Trifecta Coffee Company

adapting to covid-19

Since Monday 3/9/20 we have taken multiple steps to ensure the safety of our staff and have been diligent regarding the safety of our customers. We ask that everyone maintain a safe distance from other customers in line. Only 5 customers in store at a time.

taking extra steps

We have increased our disinfecting procedures. Placed markings on the floor for 6 foot separation. Installed a glass partition for our bakery counter. We ask that you allow our baristas to interact with the touch screen on the point of sale touch screen on you behalf. We encourage payment with credit card to minimize contact with cash whenever possible.

If you would like to see the coffee beans up close please ask and we will provide you a small sample so you can see and smell the roasted beans. The barrel lids have been reversed so that it minimizes customer interaction. We have closed our bathrooms for general public use with the exception of emergencies.

We removed the coffee description cards now have QR codes for our coffee descriptions. Use you phone camera to see the amazing stories behind our coffee selection.

We are also working on plans to enhance our front patio to accommodate additional outdoor seating. We will most likely not offer any indoor seating available until NM State public health department allows for 100% occupancy for restaurants.

To place orders

Call in number 505-800-7081 x 1

Please be aware that we may not always get your call picked up in time so please leave a message with order if you cant reach us. always leave your phone number with the message. If you have lots of questions because you are a new customer we strongly recommend you stop by the shop the first time and get familiar with our large selection of drinks pastries and coffees.

Special weekly menu

We have a weekly specials selection for a sweets and savory option.

When in the store

We invite you to stop by and check out our growing selection of house roasted whole bean coffee along with an extensive unique coffee menu, and our in house bakery where we offer sweet and savory items fresh baked daily.

Online shipping

All our coffees are roasted and shipped within 3-4 days of your order so be assured everything you order from us is fresh. Our online store has our current coffee selection.

A word about roast styles

We roast our coffee a touch lighter than other shops in town and are currently offering City (light), Full City (medium), and Vienna (dark). We do not roast the same coffee several ways. The roaster picks a profile for a particular regions and tries to stick with it.