Albuquerque Coming together…

Albuquerque Coming together…

Discover how Food is Free ABQ is helping our community

Thomas Isole’ from Trifecta Coffee Company got a chance to sit down with Erin Garrison, Co-Founder of and see how they are coping as things have shifted in our world. New Mexico has undergone a shelter-in condition due to COVID-19. Everyone has seen dramatic changes in their lives, we at Trifecta Coffee Company are grateful to be open and be able to serve many who still need to get out occasionally and those who work in the essential areas that serve our city, so we were really glad to hear that Erin and her team has been super busy finding new ways to get portable gardens delivered to many people throughout the city. Please watch the video of our interview with Erin and hear the passion in what is doing right here in our backyard. They definitely need resources and help so please reach out and contact them they are looking at solving big problems and need you to join in the overall awareness of the issues about getting fresh and healthy food to everyone. Some of you reading this may even need assistance so please reach out to us for help.

Our accessible garden

This project with is still happening even though we need to keep social contact to a minimum. But after listening to Erin and seeing every day how people will be effected by COVID-19. Trifecta Coffee Company is more committed than ever to get involved in ensuring that fresh healthy food is not a privilege but a simple human right. Please join us as we figure out how together we can make a difference.

phase 1 of accessible garden

Due to Covid-19 We were not able to help out but the folks from got the raised beds built and planted. Hopefully we will get to help out later this summer to help with landscaping and pathways.

Grateful for everyone’s help… Thomas Isole’ and Lee Sanders…

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