National Coffee Day 2020

September 29

What are we celebrating?

If you look at the National Day calendar, you will see many obscure items that are celebrated. For instance as I write this, today is national vocabulary day… A pretty boring celebration compared to say National Donut Day!

If you go to you can see the plethora of things celebrated. I happen to think Sept 29th falls into that special category where people might actually take a moment to think about National Coffee Day if for just a brief moment. Of course I am a bit partial but here is why we should take pause…

450 million cups of coffee

are consumed daily in the United States, approximately 32% of the worlds consumption. About 500 billion cups in a year world wide. If my calculations are even close to being accurate that is over 12 billion coffee plants or over two times that in harvested coffee bean poundage after the coffee cherries have been processed.

Most of the farming done to satisfy this incredible appetite for coffee is conducted by hand by farmers in over 30 countries worldwide. This volume of agriculture to a small roaster like myself if almost impossible to grasp.

The fact is… Areas that farm this amazing product are so often in regions in the world where nutrition, living conditions and basic health and education are at some of poorest conditions in the world.

Meet some dedicated people in the world of coffee

Today I want to share a few videos where we interview people who are part of this world of coffee. These folks have made a life’s work in coffee and the common thread between everyone we interview is that the farmer that produces coffee can not continue to do this at commodity prices. The ability to continue this work requires that farmers begin the process of thriving, not just surviving.

Please share these videos and hopefully we can plant a few seeds on how the business model for these farmers can change significantly so that the lives of countless farmers and their families across this planet can be improved. It is a humble dream that each and every time we consume coffee we can remember why National Coffee day should be more than just promoting a free cup of coffee. This is our fourth consecutive year now where Trifecta is committing 100% of our coffee sales on National Coffee Day to The Coffee Trust. A small nonprofit that work with a small area in Ixil region of Guatemala working with 1200 plus farmers and their families.

Join us on Tuesday Sept 29th!

Interview with Scott Brant from Coffeelands Foundation

Interview with Keith White from Paraiso Trading and the work he is involved with in Cameroon.

Interview with Joe Bettinger from Cape Horn Coffees and how they have helped CocoMiel bring direct price increases to the farmer.

Meet Charlie Fishbein from the Coffee Exchange in Providence RI. committed to helping coffee farmers for over 30 years.

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