All access to Chel Guatemala cut off

All access to Chel Guatemala cut off

Just 13 days after hurricane Eta reached Central America, Iota hit Nicaragua and with Cat 4 hurricane. As it worked its way inland massive rains created flash flooding and landslide through out the region.

The village of Chel is one of several towns The Coffee Trust works with. This village is and drop off point for much of the coffee that coffee farmers utilize before it arrives at the Cooperative in Chajul. a several hour ride by car.

When hurricane Eta hit the region The Coffee Trust was in contact with the village, but once Iota worked its way inland all contact was lost until only recently.

The roads are impassable to Chel. Not even by car. Juana, who works with The coffeee Trust decided after they had not received any communication from anyone in Chel, decided to walk from Chajul to Chel WALKING!! to be there when the delivery of corn, beans and clothing was made (by helicopter).

12/10/20 update

After speaking to Bill Fishbein this morning, Paula Rodriguez the Coffee Trust International Program Director is boots on the ground in Chajul. within a few days she is assembling a team to get up to Chel and do a full analysis of the situation. To determine the basic needs of food shelter and health conditions.

Clearing one of countless mud slides
Traversing washed out roads to Chel
Here is the first delivery of corn and beans to Chel.
As you can see the helicopter is quite small and cannot carry a large load.
We believe the pilot has made 26 trips so far and has only charged for gasoline.

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