Trifecta Coffee Company opened in April of 2015 after Thomas and Lee combined over 20 years of their experience in the coffee business. Since the beginning they have focused on creating a coffee shop that brings you great service, coffee, and baked goods.

Thomas & Lee

Together they have built a team that makes everything in house. This is evident the minute you enter the shop. You are greeted with a wide selection of roasted coffee beans and a variety of fresh baked items. The drink menu utilizes fresh made syrups, sauces, spices and herbs.

Our staff is very passionate about making your visit as enjoyable as possible. Your drink will be made exactly like you want it. This passion is infectious as some of our staff were previous customers who loved what we do at Trifecta Coffee Company.

the coffee

All coffee is roasted on the premises. The whole bean selection includes coffees from over 18 countries of origin and 5 growing regions worldwide. We commit 5 cents for every pound of green coffee purchased to an organization called The Coffee Trust. This organization works with coffee farmers and their families in the Ixil region of Guatemala. They provide help in this community of 1300 families. They engage with local problems spanning from agriculture, nutrition, and economic diversity. Trifecta holds two main fundraisers yearly on New years Day and National Coffee Day in support of the work done by The Coffee Trust.

Trifecta Coffee Co. only works with reputable and transparent coffee brokers. We insist that they seek out quality coffee. This ensures that the farmers are rewarded with well above fair trade coffee prices. This is one of the most important initiatives here at Trifecta Coffee Company.

the drinks

When you select a coffee drink at our coffee-bar you will discover a wide variety of traditional and specialty beverages.

All the sauces and syrups we use are made in house. Each recipe is focused on taking your espresso drink to a completely new level. Ask about our “Shaken-not-Stirred and  Stirred-not-Shaken menu.

Our baristas take the definition of “barista” literally as they continually incorporate bartender style cocktail recipes with espresso and coffee.

the bakery

We make from scratch a wide selection of sweet and savory items baked fresh daily and have 3 to 5 different scones, a variety of cookies, granola bars, steel cut oatmeal, a classic coffee cake, meat and veggie quiches and breakfast turnovers. In addition you will find specialty cakes and pies along with a wide selection of seasonal treats. Our menu continually changes day to day but we are certain there is something here for everyone.

If you have a meeting and need to make it special please check out our catered menu.