Roast Style
Full City

1600 famsl

Roasters Notes
Great breakfast coffee, a complex profile that smooths out as you progress through the cup

Trifecta’s founder and roaster Thomas discovered the Sinay Neves family farm from his Coffee Trader Joe Bettinger, Joe had made a change and joined up with the Folks at Cape Horn Coffees, one of the partners Daniel Neves got a chance to tell us about his upbringing on his family farm in Brazil. Lucky for us Cape Horn Coffees now provides all of our Brazilian coffee from Dan’s family farm. This is a very important component to the Trifecta coffee selection. Consistency and quality are paramount as this coffee is a key component of our espresso.

The Neves Family was originally in ranching in Bahia and decided to branch out into coffee in 1982.  They planted their first coffee tree in 1983 and have gone on to plant almost a million more trees in the same region, Encruzilhada, in the state of Bahia.  One of the pioneers of drip irrigation in the area, semi wet milling, and fertilities irrigation, the farm has always been at the forefront of innovation.  The farm itself was planted with the intention of using drip irrigation, a CRAZY concept in 1982.  They paid for water rights back then too…. Another unheard of concept in Brasil at the time.  Almost no coffee was produced using irrigation back then.

The trees are Catuai (Both Yellow and Red), and both the wet mill and the dry mills are on site—making this a true estate coffee.  There are few coffees in the world that are more suitable than the Conquista Coffee we produce—it is both low in acidity, high in body and sweetness… and because it is a manufactured coffee (meaning the wet mill is used in creating this coffee) it is supremely consistent.  

Altitude is 1,600 Feet. The large dark rectangle you see by the compound is a water reservoir.  The farm pumps 2 million liters of water a day.