Roast Style

City Roast



Micro-region: Santa Cruz

Varietals: Caturra, Villa Sarchi

Altitude : 1500masl

Farm: Finca la Cuesta

Roaster Notes

Lots of Nut, the Yellow honey adds light sweet fruitful undertones

Farm Information

Farmed by Gabriel Gamboa Núñez

How long ago it was planted more than 25 years

Process: Dried on African beds for 11 days

Generation: Third generation

How long has he been involved with coffee farming? His whole life, this has been his only working activity.

Other interesting facts:

The farm was planted by Gabriel’s uncle 25 years ago. Later on his aunt inherited the farm and they sold it to a guy named Chichi Navarro. Gabriel was able to buy it back about 8 years ago. The name of the farm was given due to its location at La Cuesta.