Join us Jan 1st 2021

For the 4th annual fundraiser for The Coffee Trust

Since Jan 1st 2018 many of you have supported The Coffee Trust when we kicked off our first fundraiser. Each year we dedicate 100% of our in store sales from New Years Day. For 2021 we will be doing the same but in the advent of the pandemic we decided to expand the ways that you can support The Coffee Trust and the Ixil people in Guatemala where we source our Guatemalan Chajulense coffee.

How you can help

Starting Dec 6 thru January 8 2021 we setup alternative ways for you to help. Go to our Giving Fuel Page where you can purchase Coffee, and monthly subscriptions along with some “I Love Coffee Farmers” swag.
100% of your purchases going direct to The Coffee Trust

This year the Village of Chel was recently devastated by hurricanes Eta and Iota. Over 117 families are struggling for basic food requirements. The roads and bridges leading to this remote village are washed out, the full extent of the damage is still not completely reported.

Chel Guatemala 2018

A word from Bill Fishbein from The Coffee Trust

While The Coffee Trust will continue its support in 2021 to
1) Support the honey project that supplements income for coffee producers with income from honey.

2) Support the education project with scholarships for Ixil youth to attend the university, and

3) To fund the soil replenishment project harvesting and reproducing microorganisms to enhance the soil and improve coffee production and quality.

We will be using the bulk of our funding from 1st Cup and beyond to provide food for Ixil families in Chel who have been devastated by two hurricanes and Covid-19.

Also we will help the families in Chel recover from the loss of their homes and belongings.  

Trifecta Coffee Company is contributing 100% of your purchases through its 1st Cup Fundraiser to disaster relief for the village of Chel making your coffee taste that much sweeter and making all your other purchases that much more valuable.   

Bill Fishbein Executive Director and Founder