Roast Style

City Plus


Yellow Caturra, Arabe, Bourbon and Catimor

Region Chiapas
Process Fully Washed
Grade Grade:  SHG EP
Elevation 1100 masl

Roaster Notes

Chocolate, Brown Sugar, Pear

more about this coffee

Custepec is a well-positioned coffee brand and one of the best in the world.   It is Rainforest Alliance Certified, which gives us access to one of the most demanding and concerned markets about sustainability, within a framework of respect for the worker and nature. Furthermore, this certification promotes efficient production with the least ecological impact. The excellent quality of our coffee is provided by its location in one of the most privileged areas in the country. With an altitude above 1,100 meters and a well-marked rainy season, we can harvest at optimum ripeness of the fruit getting a clean cup and special organoleptic characteristics. Our coffee mug has a large and strong aroma, balanced body and a characteristic acidity distinctive to Strictly High Grown Superior Coffee. It is used as a single origin coffee and for blends. Its versatility allows light and dark roasts.

The Pohlenz-Schmidt family signed a document establishing the country’s largest private natural reserve in collaboration with Pronatura – Chiapas, The Nature Conservancy and Conservation International in October 2007, reaffirming its long-term commitment to nature and society. The Finca Custepec has evolved through technological changes and new legal regulations, as well as new market requirements. Its cutting-edge equipment and machinery give us the best product at the lowest environmental impact, with lower water consumption and reduced emissions. All these developments, both technological and the commitment to the environment, allow the new generation to keep the spirit for the production of Café Custepec to last and face the changing–, global– and ever more demanding market.