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Check out our newly arrived CocoMiel honey from Chahulense Guatemala. Also some great brewing gear from Grosche; hand operated coffee grinders, French presses, moka pots, tea infusers and some amazing infuser water bottles.

12oz Honey

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Raw Unfiltered Honey from Chajul, Guatemala.

What is Raw & Unfiltered Honey?

Raw describes the honey in its most basic form. Nothing has been added, it is pure unadulterated honey.

Unfiltered honey ensures that pollen and other natural compounds remain in your honey. It is gently strained to remove any small and unwanted bee parts or wax, but maintains all the natural benefits of pure honey. While filtered honey may look better on the shelf, unfiltered honey is healthier, better tasting. and has no shelf life or expiration date.

NO Heat

No heat is applied to the CocoMiel honey during or after its extraction. Instead careful attention is applied to ensure the natural brood temperature of around 95F degrees is not exceeded.

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