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Shop for Coffee

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For Coffee Shipped all 50 U.S. States

We have a wide selection of coffees world wide. Roasted fresh within 2 days of your order placed. Typical time for delivery is 4-5 days. All orders are 5$ shipping to anywhere in the U.S.

Check out our newly arrived CocoMiel honey from Chahulense Guatemala. Also some great brewing gear from Grosche; hand operated coffee grinders, French presses, moka pots, tea infusers and some amazing infuser water bottles.

Brewing Gear

Trifecta Coffee Company looks for the best ingredients for their bakery and is on the constant hunt for quality green coffee. The same goes for the Brewing Gear we have selected. Grosche has come up with some amazing tea infusers and Moka Pots, and the water infuser bottle is second to none.

Thomas our Roaster swears by his moka pot for home brewing. He uses the 9 cup pot with a french press grind coffee. "Best single serve coffee pot I've used in years. I pulled everything off my counter top and use this exclusively now."

Grosche has a Mission that goes beyond making great products.

Your purchase gives safe water to those in need. They started safe water projects in 2010 in Africa. Today they are working in six countries: South Sudan, Uganda, Malawi, India, Pakistan, and The Philippines. To see an interactive map of our water purification installations. Learn more