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Check out our newly arrived CocoMiel honey from Chahulense Guatemala.
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One of our discoveries when visiting Guatemala in 2018, is that we learned that some of the worlds finest cocoa is farmed and produced in Guatemala. The Maya Guatemalan's are the first to document the use of cocoa, like coffee specialty cocoa is not mass produced but is cultivated by individual farmers who care and develop their farms over many years.

Unlike Green coffee which is primarily exported and then roasted locally in the US, cocoa can be refined and processed into Coverture chocolate or made into cocoa powder. This added value add to the cocoa ensures that there is more economic diversity for the agricultural communities in Guatemala.

Retaining more of the production in the country or origin ensures economically more of the work and profit to remain in country. Ensuring that workers and farmers stay with their families where the jobs exist.

We work directly with CocoMiel a for profit importer that ensures that the profits are fairly distributed between the farmers and The Coffee Trust a non profit organisation that works to improve the lives of coffee farmers and their families. Now cocoa is another farmed product that if paid above fair trade pricing can help lift many farmers out of a state of poverty in Guatemala.

Here at Trifecta Coffee Co. we are so pleased to be working with a bean to bar chocolatier and CocoMiel to bring you some of the highest quality cocoa and chocolate, there is complete transparency regarding this product ensuring success is shared with the farmers and laborers who make this amazing product.