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All our chocolate is sourced and produced in Guatemala. We sell four different flavored bars

Milk, 70% Cocoa
70% Cocoa with coffee
60% Red Chili.

CocoMiel’s mission is to bring the finest quality products from Guatemala to the U.S. while sharing its net profits with the original producers. CocoMiel brings the finest quality Guatemalan honey, chocolate, coffee and hand-woven textiles directly to you. In the process of bringing Guatemala’s most exquisite products to the U.S. market, CocoMiel’s added goal is to help the producers increase their income, take care of their families, and remain at home with their families and their farms.

Besides paying producers fair-trade, organic and specialty premiums for their products, CocoMiel sends 100% of its net profits back to the producers through two channels.

First, 50% of our net profits are sent directly back to the producers, which allows producers to share in the higher prices their products command in the U.S. This also creates a deeper connection between our consumers (you) and our producers, as your purchases are as close to a direct payment to these producers as possible.

Second, we choose to donate the remaining 50% of our net profits to The Coffee Trust to support locally driven, community development initiatives in support of the same producers and the same communities where our products come from.

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