Our Coffee

We are constantly on the hunt for coffee that meets our standards in quality. Equal to this, we look for Single Estate, Co-operatives and coffee traders who understand that the price that farmers receive must be well above the Fair Trade floor price. In 2019 coffee prices were at an all time low on the ICE International Commodities Exchange. This often puts major negative pressure on small coffee farmers. From our perspective we want to pay the farmer prices based on the quality of their coffee independent of outside market fluctuations. We also want to work with coffee communities that understand that there are many practices that go beyond farming but reach into their community. Subscribe to our blog and see the various projects that are happening. We donate 5 cents of every pound of green coffee to The Coffee Trust. We do not claim Direct Trade, instead we partner with organizations like CocoMiel who secures coffee from Chahulense Guatemala, and we pay 50 cents more a pound. and have complete transparency in knowing the money is guaranteed to the Co-op. We are slowl and deliberate as we developing the right relationships. We believe we can do better when it comes to ensuring coffee farmers need to be lifted out of poverty.