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We have a wide selection of coffees world wide. Roasted fresh within 2 days of your order placed. Typical time for delivery is 4-5 days. All orders are 5$ shipping to anywhere in the U.S.

Check out our newly arrived CocoMiel honey from Chahulense Guatemala. Also some great brewing gear from Grosche; hand operated coffee grinders, French presses, moka pots, tea infusers and some amazing infuser water bottles.


Like the chocolate we carry from CocoMiel, the honey has an even stronger connection because the Chahulense coffee we import and roast originates from the same farmers in the Ixil region of Guatemala also have started several hundred apiaries.

Late in 2019 CocoMiel was able to get USDA approval to import this honey which was only available to Europe. Now we get to try some amazing Raw unfiltered honey from this same area.

CocoMiel shares its profits between The Coffee Trust and the bee and cocoa farmers. so every purchase you make automatically makes you part of the solution.