Sinay Neves

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Brazil Sinay Neves
Weight 16 oz

Processing wet and dry

Altitude 1600ft asl

Roaster notes The trees are Catuai (Both Yellow and Red), and both the wet mill and the dry mills are on site—making this a true estate coffee. it is both low in acidity, high in body and sweetness… and because it is a manufactured coffee (meaning the wet mill is used in creating this coffee) it is supremely consistent.  

The Neves Family was originally in ranching in Bahia and decided to branch out into coffee in 1982.  Planting their first coffee tree in 1983 and have gone on to plant almost a million more trees in the same region, Encruzilhada, in the state of Bahia.  One of the pioneers of drip irrigation in the area, semi wet milling, and fertilities irrigation, the farm has always been at the forefront of innovation.  The farm itself was planted with the intention of using drip irrigation, a CRAZY concept in 1982.

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