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Fight For Cody raffle

Please help us raise money for Cody's rehab treatment.

On May 4th Cody was hit by a motor vehicle and suffered numerous severe injuries - one of which was a broken neck and that has left him paralyzed from the upper chest down.
Cody has an extremely hard road ahead. NM is the only state in the country without long-term physical rehab facilities so we had to go out of state.
Cody has always been an extreme athlete from being a sponsored snowboarder, competitive soccer player, he got his first dirt bike at 5 years old, state ranked golfer to someone committed to learn street style BMX on a whim.... to say Cody was active is an understatement so their solution of letting him waste away in a nursing home bed is NOT an option.
Please... we need some help to make sure Cody has the best opportunity to gain some sort of life back. We don't know what that looks like at this point but Cody is committed to putting in the work to not have to live the rest of his life within a 10'x20' room staring at a ceiling.

Raffle tickets can be purchased at our store as well as with Fat Tire Cycle, New Fit, and Groomingdales. available August 8-24th.

Drawing held on Saturday August 24th during our Game Night fundraiser. Everyone here for the
Fight for Cody Game Night automatically entered into a special drawing as well.

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