Sumatra “Old School” Ateng

Roast Style

Full City plus a slightly slower more developed roast profile through most f the second crack.


“Old School” Ateng

Region Badak Gede – Takengon – Aceh – North Sumatra 

Elevation 1400 – 1600 masl

Process:Semi-Washed / Wet Hulled 

Drying Process Sun Dried

Roaster Notes

This might be the roasters favorite Sumatra coffees. not to earthy but has all classic Sumatra flavors and complexity


The area where this coffee originated is located in a very rural area with
high wind occasional problem. It is about 40 km away from the nearest city
and unreachable when the weather is pretty bad. The terrain is mountainous with a unique “red soil” instead of black soil. Most of the people living in the village used to be very poor. So the farmers could not afford nor had an access to the new varieties / hybrids of coffee sold by the
Indonesian government even at the incentive price. 

Being a Survivor,

The farmers utilize what they have, which is the original / “old-school” Ateng varietal. The farmers replanted the land with the original varietal in the area. Naturally, this varietal will produce less amount of coffee compared to the new varieties available out there in terms of the cycle crop, coffee production per acres of land, and the length of time to harvest the cherry after replanting. The size of the beans is also smaller than the new hybrids. Those are some of the reasons that the “old-school” Ateng is becoming less and less popular and extinct in Sumatra.

As the law of nature is set in motion,

the coffee production within this area is much slower and lesser than the new hybrids, it has more superior and more complexity in cupping profile. In addition, the farmers understand that they need to provide a competitive advantage for their product so they can sell the coffee for more to increase their living standard. Thus, they are very particular in picking the cherry and processing this coffee that results in much sweeter and cleaner cup. By buying the coffee from this specific area, we are increasing the living standard of the people in the area and keeping the “Old” tradition alive while enjoying a sip of excellent Sumatra coffee.