Roast Style

City Roast at first crack


Catimor, Burbon

Village Som Poi

Elevation 1200 masl

Region/Province Chiang Rai

Roaster Notes

Reminiscent of a natural 3 Ethiopian Sidamo. Higher acidity, Notes of strawberry, orange and clean finish,

Integrated Tribal Development Program

A NGO in Thailand who help provide the tribe villagers with clean water and are actively working towards ending poverty for the hill villagers. ITDP coffee roots go back to 1961, and in 1990 they created a Coop to help the villagers produce higher quality products. They provide training, planted varieties that thrive in certain regions, and processing equipment to achieve this goal.   Present day that are over 400 farms in 40 villages that participate.   All which are 100% farmer owned.

The ITDP (Integrated Tribal Development Program) has been working with the villagers for 50 years. There are 37 members in this farm and 575 villagers. All villagers belong to the Karen tribe which was originally from China & Mongolia.

Short clip about the ITDF